Willgrow selectively invests in the most ambitious founders and investment managers worldwide.

Below are some investments that reflect our approach to investing and capital allocation. We aim to partner with the best investment managers and companies to build long-term relationships and generate superior returns.

Our strategy is consistent but our portfolio is constantly evolving. We always look for new investments, themes, sectors and fund strategies to which we can allocate capital.

Private Equity

Our partnership-oriented strategy underscores investments with GPs that have sector expertise, differential access, and emphasise value creation via digitalisation and the use of modern management techniques.

Capital is allocated to top quartile established buyout and growth managers. We also seek investments in emerging firms, concentrated portfolio managers and, single-country / single-sector strategies that are expected to generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

We selectively target co-investment opportunities in companies operating in Western Europe and North America.

Venture Capital

Our strategy is to select entrepreneurial and thesis-driven managers who have the potential to outperform. We have invested in some of the world’s most well-known venture managers and in some of the most exciting emerging managers.  We take a global view, but expect most of our allocation to be in Europe and North America.  We favour early-stage but have the flexibility and open-mindedness needed to move up and down the capital stack and embrace novel strategies.

Ultimately, we believe that a well-balanced selection of emerging funds, established funds and co-investments can deliver powerful results for the portfolio.

Real Assets

Real assets allocation includes commercial real estate, infrastructure, timberland, farmland as well as natural resources.

Investments are made in value-added and opportunistic strategies in Western Europe and the US. Additionally, we allocate capital to promising sustainability-linked assets including wind and solar generation.

Private Debt

We focus on three main Private Credit sub-strategies including distressed, special opportunities, and mezzanine that target predominantly US and Western Europe.

Capital is allocated to managers who have shown consistent track record in generating excess returns over long term.

Direct Investments

We back visionary entrepreneurs and the most promising companies with small- to mid-sized enterprise values across geographies, industries and deal types.

As entrepreneurs, we hold in high regard the alignment of interests, shared core values and an opportunity to leverage our investment and operating experience to help fund managers and portfolio companies grow and succeed.